This soft and lustrous white metal has a proud history dating back thousands of years. Ornamental and decorative silverware has been unearthed in royal tombs dating back to 4000 BC.

Although much harder than gold, silver can be easily worked and beaten into silver leaf for decorative use. And just like gold it is long lasting and hard-wearing.

Silver has been used in jewellery and coinage throughout the ages in the form of a silver alloy. The fineness of silver items is measured as a proportion of the silver content. For instance, Sterling silver has a fineness of 925, which is to say that the silver content amounts to 92.5% of the piece. The other metal content of silver alloys used in jewellery is usually copper. Most silver jewellery has a fineness rating of 800, so there is 80% silver content and 20% copper in most silver jewellery.

High silver content is also evident in white gold. The gold content of white gold usually amounts to just over half, with silver amounting to one quarter of the content.













Founded in 1994, Janet Jewellery is one of Thai jewellery manufacturers established and acclaimed homegrown brand in the local jewellery scene. Janet Jewellery has expanded and evolved in the ever-changing jewellery industry to become one of the leading jewellers in the middle-to high-end fine jewellery market. Janet's strength lies in its extensive collection, strong customer service, fashionable design and fine masterpiece.

Janet Jewellery carries a wide selection of Sterling silver 925 rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and pendants jewellery which are of international standard and quality. Over the years, Janet Jewellery has also developed our own design. For those looking for internationally-renowned fine jewellery, Janet Jewellery also provides made-to-order service.



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